Why Technical SEO for SaaS Companies is (Usually) a Waste of Money


Let’s go over the most common mistake SaaS companies make when hiring an SEO agency. So take a look because it could save your company thousands of dollars.
One of the most common requests when someone comes to us, is that they want an audit of their website’s technical SEO. Maybe they want us to review their site structure, title tags, schema, and more. 9 times out of 10, that would be a complete waste of time. Because if you don’t have a solid keyword and content strategy in place, doing technical SEO for your SaaS website won’t do a dang thing for your rankings. Here’s why: The main elements of a winning SEO strategy are content, link building, and technical.
Quality content is by far the most important. Your rankings will soar once you have keyword-optimized content about topics people actually care about. Then at some point, your ranking will get stuck. It depends on how competitive the keyword is, but for example, let’s say your page gets to the top of the 2nd page of Google. That’s where link building comes in. Building links to that page will get it unstuck and over the hump in the search results, generating more juicy SaaS leads for ya. The role of technical SEO for SaaS websites is to ensure your site doesn’t have issues that are sabotaging your rankings. Slow websites and broken links are the most common offenders. Your website can be a technical masterpiece, but if it doesn’t have a strong content strategy and backlinks, you’re not going to rank.
Agencies love doing technical SEO audits because they’re easy! We can just run a tool. But it’s probably not what you need. If you’re looking to get SEO going for your SaaS company so you can get more inbound sales, start with the keyword & content strategy, not a technical audit.