Your Content Isn’t Driving Enough Sales. Let’s Change That.

SEO Agency for SaaS and Tech

Amplifying MRR for growing brands.

Tired of having content that doesn’t rank?

Look at you!  You have a great product that people want.

With the hard part out of the way, now it’s time to amplify your MRR by dominating the search engines. Few things are as sweet as an inbound sale.

Maybe you already have lots of content and just need it to rank.  Or perhaps you’re earlier in your SEO journey and aren’t sure where to start. We’ll build out a content queue (for your writers or ours) on topics that will drive traffic and nudge prospects into your sales funnel. 

A successful SEO campaign is built from a combination of strong content, relevant backlinks, and technical SEO. Our proven process will increase your MRR within a few months and only go up from there.

What Our Clients are Saying

“It’s an absolute pleasure working with the Amplifyed team. We have learned so much! First, they took the time to understand our company and services. Then, they used what they learned to create a strategic roadmap and provide recommendations on keywords we should rank for. They’ve guided us every step of the way!

We’ve been working together for nine months now and have made a ton of progress. We love the monthly video updates! So many of the keywords we focused on are currently ranking on the 1st page of Google. GMB calls are up, GMB clicks are up, and search engine traffic is up 132%. We couldn’t have asked for better results. It’s been a great partnership and we look forward to continuing it!”

Sarah Garrity, Marketing Lead

Chike came to us hoping to rank #1 on Google for a strategic phrase…

We got him there in just three months. This was his reply:

“We’re #1
We’re #1
We’re #1

Chike Agbai, Founder & CEO

“You guys are organized, flexible and very accommodating to make SEO work for us and at our pace.”

“I love how you proactively bring ideas to us. With our previous SEO company, we always had to check-in to see what they were up to.”

“First, the report is terrific! I’m excited with our progress.”

“Loved the video report as always! I’m very impressed with the progress.”

“Looking great… and I LOVE the monthly video report! Very efficient and informative.”

“Thank you for the video update! Looking forward to continued success in 2022.”

“Thanks for being awesome as always!”

“Thank you for the update & all your efforts, we are heading in the right direction!”


“We pride ourselves on being SEO experts, easy to reach, and even easier to talk to.  We understand the importance of lead gen to your business and that SEO can seem mysterious. The fact is, SEO nowadays isn’t about ‘tricking Google’. It’s about having high quality content on topics that people are actually searching for.”  


You’ll have access to a dashboard of the metrics that actually matter. Yes, it will include web traffic – we love traffic! – but it will also track the form submissions and calls that our SaaS SEO strategies have delivered to your business. Everything is ultra transparent because we’re confident in the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Amplifyed different from all the other SEO agencies?

Many digital marketing agencies have a page saying they know SaaS, but they also have those pages for a dozen other industries like manufacturing and healthcare.

Not us. We’re all in on content-driven SEO for SaaS brands & tech companies.

Because of our narrow focus on B2B SEO strategy, everyone on our team is a master at what they do.

Our business is complicated and no one but us can write about our services. How can you do content-driven SEO for us?

There’s a lot more to content creation than the writing.  We’ll start by finding keywords that you can actually rank for. Then we’ll help you build out a content queue that will generate leads so your writers have a plan.

Then we’ll draft a detailed content brief with suggested word count, internal & external links to include, and more, so your content will get to the top of Google! 

SEO seems like this secret black box. What exactly do you guys do?

The backbone of an effective SEO campaign is the strategy. By strictly offering a SaaS SEO service, we know exactly how to build a clear game plan that will earn your SaaS business higher rankings in Google.

Then we hit the ground running on implementation. This will be a cocktail of content, backlinks, and technical SEO.

• Content is by far the most important. Your site will shoot up the rankings once you have keyword-optimized content about topics people actually care about.

• Building backlinks will boost your rankings even higher to generate more juicy SaaS leads.

• The role of technical SEO is to make sure that your site doesn’t have issues that are sabotaging your rankings.

How much do your SEO plans cost?

We need to learn more about your business first. It takes different strategies to get you to the top of Google if you’re a B2B SaaS company in a hyper-competitive market compared to a business with minimal competition.

Whichever it is, you will see a jump in rankings in our first quarter working together.

How long until I see results?

Your SEO strategy will have a blend of quick wins and longer term, game-changing goals. The quick wins will result in a spike in rankings in just 90 days. We move quickly!

Can you still do our SEO but we handle the website updates?

Absolutely.  That’s the case with about half of our clients.  We’ll handle all the strategy and execution, and pass the website updates along to your programmer.

Our only ask is if that you make the updates expeditiously.  It will only delay your results if the updates are sitting in the queue for weeks at a time!

Do you require annual contracts?

No long-term contracts here. We work in 90-day sprints so you don’t have to commit to anything beyond that. We know we have to work hard to earn your business every quarter.

What is the next step?

Let’s have a conversation.

That will allow us to research your ideal buyer and the most lucrative search phrases for your business. Then we’ll deliver a powerful SEO roadmap with three options to get you there.