11 Best Examples of B2B Website Designs

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Best B2B Website Designs

There is an art to B2B website design. While many companies put so much focus on the day-to-day scramble such as B2B marketing that they end up neglecting their websites. The result is a poor B2B website that lacks personality and turns off potential clients.


Below, we will be taking a look at several winning websites. Like these examples, a great website typically has a few commonalities such as:



  • Mobile friendly B2B website design
  • Simple layouts and easy navigation|
  • Interesting and engaging company personality

Let’s look at some sites that have nailed their B2B web design and are dominating search results!


Here are 11 B2B website designs that totally nailed it!

B2B Website Designs Example: WeWork

Creating a high-performing sales team is no easy task. Creating one remotely could be even trickier. Overpass provides a clear vision of how their platform can help you with just that. From finding the right person to managing leads, they cover all the in-betweens to simplify a company’s salesforce.

The language is concise and relatable. The images are fun and appealing. And the site itself uses bold colors and color blocks to section off various key service areas. In addition, they include teasers to some of their workforce, valuable platform screenshots, and testimonials.

You instantly get a sense of their personality, which is fun and direct. Bright and bold design elements instantly provide an optimistic feeling. While developing a sales team can be a daunting task, this site has you seeing just the opposite. Cheery, easy-to-navigate and manageable. Awesome web design and content!

As soon as you land on Leadinfo’s home page, you can see their clear message. They help with lost leads (and sales). In fact, they make sure you don’t miss it by using a large, interesting font with a pop of red.

The value prop is followed by a visual featuring Leadinfo’s dashboard. Right away, B2B company decision makers have an understanding of what to expect. Then, you move onto a section of testimonials. As you continue to scroll, the benefits are listed with complimentary images. Leadinfo wants you to know exactly what you’ll be paying for.

The main menu bar is easy-to-navigate. There is no wondering where to find what information. Everything is laid out neatly so website visitors have their questions answered right away. And Google loves this site!

B2B Website Design: OnePage CRM

The first thing you see when you land on this site is ” time to action your sales “. What business owner wouldn’t want that?Right away, any visitor will know that this website was meant to drive results.

It is catchy, engaging, and tells you all you need to know without revealing too much. It is the kind of catchphrase that resonates and makes you want to read more. Below this, you will find the three main key parts in their Next Action Sales Method. The message is simple – and it makes sense.

This homepage is proof that B2B websites don’t have to have dry content. Scroll down their visually appealing site to learn more and be driven to action.

Packlane is putting on a clinic on how to showcase products for a better user experience. And good photography and staging are key.

How could anyone with a pulse resist clicking on the “Choose Your Style” button? That’s so much cooler than if it said something like “sign up today.” B2B buyers like personality too!

They also highlight some brands that they have worked with, making it easy for website visitors to trust them. As we discussed earlier, trust is very important. When a potential client trusts you, they will be more inclined to learn more about your services. This means more time spent on your company’s website. Remember, a search engine likes this too.

Visitors on this website are greeted with a heartwarming video of various animals eating. Right away, you are going to have people staying due to the cuteness factor.

The video brings the site to life and makes it more relatable and engaging with their audience – animal lovers looking for feed! They also have text overlay stating it is a family-owned, long-running company. Again, this establishes that ever-important trust.

Full disclosure: we designed this site. If you need a website design that will help your brand shine, give us a shout!

6. IBM

Fortunately for IBM, they are already a well-trusted brand. They are known for their various professional services. However, this does not mean that they are going to skim by with a lame website design. In fact, they are expected to go above and beyond.

Clear value props. Large writing that yells ‘tech company’! And yes, font size matters. There are plenty of studies and articles written about ‘what works’.

Great images accompanied with bite size teaser information.

The main menu is broken down for an easy user journey. Site visitors will easily be able to navigate to the products or services that they are interested in. That’s a win-win for everyone.

Don’t you love it when you end up on an aesthetically pleasing site? The colors are soothing. The text and images compliment each other. This is a pleasant user journey.

Right away, a user has answers to any questions. Pricing? Yes, there is no hiding the cost. What Trello actually is? Yes, there’s an answer for that too. They provide logos of well-established companies that use Trello. Instant trust.

If you keep scrolling, what you could be using is laid out right in front of you. Take the guesswork out of learning what services or products are actually being offered. When people can learn by scrolling, they stay longer. It’s that simple.


“Tame your work, organize your life.” Yes, please! Right away, Evernote is selling us on how they can help your quality of work and life. And who isn’t looking for this?

As a personal preference, we love websites that use platform screenshots. It’s always nice when you can see what you could be using. Is the platform user-friendly? Does it have the features I need? As some people don’t like to read their websites, visuals like this can often also do a great job of selling.

Further down, you can see who uses Evernote. Seeing these big names is a big selling point. If you are ‘sold’ at that moment, quickly scroll up to easily view all the plan options. It’s that easy. Now only if organizing your life was. Wait, it could be with Evernote.

Well if you were searching for a WordPress platform, you know you found it. Actually, you would instantly know that you found the #1 platform. They should be proud so say it ‘loudly’ and they do!

When looking for the right hosting solution, you aren’t left searching for the right fit. WP Engine’s site points you in the right direction for your site’s needs.

There is a reason that they are #1. And we can’t help but think that their site is part of the reason.

Safe is boring.

To stand out from other B2B website designs, sometimes you gotta draw outside the line a little. Show your website visitors that you are bold and creative!

10. Slack

By now, many employees are familiar with Slack. Especially over the last few years, the platform became a staple in team communications. With an ability to have team channels or direct messaging, it is a great communication tool. Plus, there is so much more that you can do with it.

For additional features and benefits, make your way down their site. It’s an easy-to-navigate site AND has an easy log-in feature. Well, that’s just perfection.

As an employer, how can you say no to that, especially now that working from home in 2022 is as American as apple pie?

If you love organization, then you love every aspect of ClickUp. The layout itself brings feelings of fun and happiness. Getting things done is fun!

Not sold yet? Navigate to the various features – and how they can be used. Easily find the plan that works best for you and your team. There are also plenty of resources to ensure that this platform believes in customer service. When working remotely and/or on platforms, we all can appreciate good help.

When visiting ClickUp’s website, you can find all the answers to any question or need easily. That’s what an awesome website design can do!

What a Great B2B Website Can Do for You

Boost your rankings! A great website design should increase organic traffic, add conversions from a well-designed landing page, and more.

You invest a lot of time and money into your site. Developing the site structure, creating great content, generating a proper SEO strategy, choosing interesting visuals, etc. In the end, you are hoping for a beautiful, informative, and easy-to-use website. However, let’s also make sure you are bringing in new business with quality leads.

Your site’s user experience affects your rankings. Even with a great SEO strategy, search engine bots are going to notice if website visitors keep leaving. Outdated website design, poor content and slow loading pages can turn off a visitor. Studies and data show that your web design can communicate trust to a potential client. If it is modern and well-thought out, this will mean longer site visits – and an increase in conversions.

A responsive design. Quality content. Impactful images. By incorporating the best practices for web design, expect to see some real results.

The Key Takeaway

Do you know why most B2B web designs are a snoozefest of white & blue? They’re playing it safe. Be brave and stand out from the pack.

A great B2B brand avoids ‘corporate-speak’ or cramming a ton of text on the homepage. Keep it simple and stay focused one one or two benefits and have a single call-to-action.

SEO for B2B Websites

When designing your website, it’s important to consider its ability to rank in search engines like Google. There’s no point in having a beautiful website if no one will see it!

As you consider your theme and design , be mindful of website bloat. If you have a pagebuilder like Divi, multiple videos running, and various moving elements, this will slow down load time and impact the user experience. Instead, beautiful static images and elegant fonts are great characteristics in an effective B2B website design.

Keep search in mind when drafting headings and titles. What are potential visitors on the web typing and how can you speak their language to gain the most visibility? By focusing your content around a useful keyword, you’ll be able to land yourself on page one of Google and captivate the best visitors for your product or service.

Once you have a beautiful website and engaging content, set up a screen recording tool like Hotjar to ensure visitors are navigating your site with ease. You’ve written so many great pages, you want to ensure people are actually finding them! Your most important services must be accessible from your main navigation at the top of the screen and ideally not buried in a dropdown menu.

Visibility is the Key

Don’t underestimate the benefits of search engine optimization either. In today’s digital marketplace, 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search. If you want to operate a successful B2B website , you’ll need to get your rankings up.

If you run a B2B business, we recommend checking out our SEO Blueprint. We specialize in SEO for B2B companies who are looking to increase their Google rankings and organic traffic. Our methods are proven to bring in more web visitors, which is the best way to meet new potential customers. By creating an impactful strategy, following our list of best practices, and understanding the customer journey, you’ll see your brand climb to new heights! Book a commitment-free consultation today and let’s take a look at your B2B website design opportunities today.

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