15 Examples of Best SaaS Websites

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15 Examples of the Best SaaS Websites

What makes your website one of the best SaaS websites? Your SaaS business deserves a great site that provides great information for your potential customer. In addition to your SaaS solution, there must be focus on the actual user experience.

Benefits and features certainly matter. However, there also needs to be a focus on a website’s design elements. Is the language speaking to your target audience? Do you have a clear value proposition? Will there be a case study or two? Informative text paired with interesting visuals are your best bet.

Let’s see some examples of the best SaaS websites out there.

B2B Website Designs Example: WeWork

What they do: Form, survey, & quiz platform

Typeform’s SaaS website has a great aesthetic going.

The home page design has clean, gently defined sections. With clear messaging, you quickly understand their service – and just how simple the platform is to use.

The main navigation bar is easy to navigate with useful categories. Prospective users are able to quickly search and find possible templates for future use.

They use a nice mix of videos and screenshots to showcase their service in various forms. The site tends to be light on text, but concise. As Typeform’s main focus is in design, you can appreciate all the inspirational samples. And when promoting a platform aimed at speaking with people, we love that they chose cheerful, warm colors.

What they do: Platform for creating, marketing, & selling courses (to increase revenue)

There are many key elements that make this site worth mentioning. Let’s start with the visuals.

SaaS platform screenshots are always ideal. Show them a sneak peek! Additional images showing people work speaks to the side of you craving efficiency. Plus pics of happy customers? Well, who doesn’t aspire to be happy AND working.

Each page is broken down into consumable sections featuring data, benefits, and ideas on how to use their platform. There is even a calculator to take the guesswork out of it. Visitors can play around with different figures to see just how much they could be making. What a great way to sell your service!

B2B Website Design: OnePage CRM

What they do: Platform for SaaS to set up referral programs

Bam! Large, bold value prop centered right on top. You can’t miss it – and you know exactly what Rewardful is all about. Clearly, they are here to help you build relationships with customers.

We love that they use the word “fans”. A little bit further down, you can see how customers are “lovin’ it”. And we are lovin’ it. Casual and friendly can speak volumes. Even when speaking to CEOs and Founders, you can keep it relatable.

Sharing lots of solid testimonials instantly builds trust. So it’s great that you can find positive (and informative!) reviews near the top of the homepage.

Throughout Rewardful’s site, there are various call to actions scattered. Each CTA works well with its section assignment. Tip – It is important to try out different call-to-action buttons. They should make sense – and also create conversions. Depending on your voice, you can be straight-to-the-point or playful.

What they do: Sales platform

Pipedrive’s home page is one of our favorites.

First, you are greeted with a great smile from one of their users. Clearly, she is happy with their CRM SaaS platform! But we know why. From the first sentence, we can see she’s using the “#1 sales CRM”. And that’s how you sell your service.

In the first section, there are two buttons. One for a free trial and one for a case study – this is just in case you’re not ready to dip your toe in. This can be very useful so you don’t possibly turn off a future customer. Also, case studies are amazing trust builders. Be sure to break them down into clear sections that define your success story!

Scroll a little further to find a smart breakdown of Pipedrive’s 4 steps. They pair each step with a screen shot. Site visitors quickly understand the platform’s use, benefits, and a peek at some of its tools. Answer their questions with ease.

5. Xero

What they do: Account software

Clean, clever, fresh and bold B2B SaaS website.

Each section is thoughtfully spaced. By using text sparingly within these sections, each message is showcased. While it is important to provide quality content, site visitors tend to avoid reading long sections. To really keep people on the page, they provide their lowest price point right on top.

Bright blue and green create a clean, modern look. These colors are the perfect background to highlight the site’s interesting visuals. Of course, they know the best way to entice people is to show them ‘what they’re getting’. Each image is simple but effective. And of course, they know to include some software screenshots.

While accounting tends to not be a not-so-exciting conversation piece, Xero’s site is so fresh that it was fun to scroll around to see what was next. We especially appreciate that their client stories are easily found on the home page.

What they do: Software development platform

Strangely, Github makes a developer platform look fun – and playful.

Lots of animation! And it starts with the home page’s top section, which has a bold, animated, and LARGE Earth. To make it even more likable, they added a very cute, cartoon astronaut.

For what could be a stuffy site, they let you know they’re different. “Let’s build from here, together” gives a friendly feel. Immediately, they provide what you can do with their platform – and back it up with some impressive data.

If you love code, you’ll appreciate the animated code screen shots that play into the company’s playful side perfectly. This is not your usual tech website. They are modern and confident. (With good reason!)

Concise text blocks, lots of moving parts, and every benefit clear as code. (Just kidding! Code isn’t particularly our thing.) But we still appreciate how great this site design is. We expected nothing less.

What they do: Conversation AI platform

If your platform is about ‘conversation’, then your site better have a friendly feel. And verloop does just that.

When you think of welcoming, you think of a happy person smiling. So they gave you just that. You’re drawn right over to her. Then, you see the icons showing possible integrations. For a bonus, they also add some conversations. Within the same top section, we find the first call-to-action – “Schedule a Demo”. Perfect for this type of platform.

Just below the initial value proposition. They tell you that is the future of customer support. As you continue to scroll, the section explains all the benefits. Bold benefit and short block of text paired with an interesting visual.

Towards the bottom of the home page, there is a breakdown of each industry served. Instead of just listing, Verloop goes a step further. You can see some ways to actually use their platform specifically for each one. Taking the guesswork from an apprehensive site visitor.

What they do: Platform that creates and controls membership for your site

Immediately, MemberSpace explains what they do and why you need them. The oversized text is bold and centered.Then, they follow up by sharing an additionally clear CTA with value.

Before you can even start to wonder, they answer the question as to what MemberSpace can be integrated with. They showcase large, well-known companies which establish trust.

As you scroll, you are met with well-defined sections. Throughout the home page, there are testimonials from relatable customers.

The “why” is broken down into a pleasantly, scrollable design. Short blocks of text accompanied with easy-to-identify graphics. Even if you didn’t feel like reading, you understand the message.

Further down, you are met with various case studies. This was designed so well. Easy-to-navigate and broken down really well. Each case study block features a client, what they used MemberSpace for, and the kind of website integration used.

Overall, a clean and colorful look. Important information is written concisely and easy to find.

What they do: Turns API docs into interactive hubs

ReadMe. The site is the perfect combination of techy and fun. Think – bright colors, big visuals, cute graphics.

Extremely, oversized font in a bright blue value proposition paired with an animated graphic. And as you continue to scroll, you are further met with bold text and lots of graphics.

Tech is not always fun, but ReadMe made sure you wanted to see what was next. Big, animated screenshots showcasing various dashboard views.

The site’s exciting and interesting. You not only want to know more, but you also want to see more. Although they are in a technical landscape, the language is relatable and easy to digest.

It doesn’t stop at the home page. Each page is visually pleasing with a nice mix of images and short text.

What they do: Secure storage, access & collaborative features for documents

Large blocks of content. Tons of color.This site is eye-catching!

Dropbox uses an array of visuals and big text to explain benefits and uses. The font is friendly with a hint of tech.

Throughout the site, they use bright colors that feel invigorating. In addition, the visuals are interesting, but also offer an explanation. If you didn’t want to read, the message is still clear. The images are of approachable people, graphics, screenshots of the dashboard, and more.

Some of the sections are oversized and bold. It is the perfect way to show off important features so you can’t simply scroll by.

The messages are clear – and the pages are bright.

What they do: Organization platform

“Tame your work, organize your life.” Bold and relatable. Right away, people can see the ‘why I have to have this’ message.

A crisp white background, black font, and touches of green throughout. The site is clean and refreshing. If your platform is based around organization, you better have a clean looking site, right?

Large screenshots are accompanied with short blocks of concise text. Evernote even goes a step further to include a video that you simply cannot miss.

There is focus on helping users reduce their stress from the lack of organization. The site’s elements hones in on a potential client’s pain points. Along with being empathetic, they briefly touch upon features as well.

12. Sketch

What they do: Design toolkit platform

Super interesting and fun design.

Bright shades of orange instantly grab your attention. And it doesn’t stop there.

As you scroll down the home page, you are met with overlapping dashboard screenshots. Then, they went a step further and added all these moving parts. You are basically ‘walked through’ someone working on a design project.

It’s always a great idea to show a view of tools, especially something like design. Potential users want to see if anything looks familiar and is this going to be easy to use.

When you are in the creative field, you tend to be very hands on so visuals speak to them. Sketch did a great job by using attention-grabbing images that move around and show various features.

What they do: Product & marketing analytics

While the colors are friendly, the site’s language is confident and strong.

By pairing hints of green with bright blue, key elements are thoughtfully highlighted. Each section is used to break down a different message. Answering one question at a time using to-the-point messaging and pairing with dashboard screenshot.

The checkmark is a simple symbol, but it packs a punch. Throughout the site, checkmars are used to single out pain points, features, and benefits. It’s very effective. At times, they are even in green to really stand out.

Kissmetrics is proud of the tool they have created – and it shows. They share plenty of dashboard visuals. Users can truly see this is a well-thought out platform that works.

14. Pitch

What they do: Presentation design platform

Presentations are all about finding the perfect combination of text, images, and the actual information.

The language is inspiring and personable. It really speaks to you. Then, it is presented in a mix of bold and short blocks of text.

Visually, the site is bright, bold and BIG throughout. Large dashboard screenshots paired with animation. It’s fun and entertaining.

By showing off the actual platform (and samples), potential customers can see what to expect. Transparency works great for selling your service or product.

From the language to the images, Pitch definitely presents themselves with a people-minded vibe.

What they do: Video recordings with many uses

While there are plenty of video tools available, Vidyard focuses on a specific niche made clear on top of the home page. This is not just a video platform; it is a business tool.

Right away, you are offered a sample of how Vidyard looks. As stated before, people love to see what they are paying for. In addition, they also point you right away to examples.

By using a bright side-by-side comparison, Vidyard shows what you are missing out on by not using their platform. Clear benefits paired with bold checkmarks so your visitors’ eyes know where to focus.

The colors and visuals are bold and modern throughout. For a business tool, they kept the focus on a friendly, relatable feel for their useful platform.

In the end, there are many aspects to an all-around great SaaS website. Along with design elements, the truly best SaaS websites have optimized content backed by keyword research.

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