Over 132% increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic keywords


Organic keywords ranking in the top 3 search results

Keyword Selection

By narrowing down the most valuable keywords based on relevancy, volume, and competitiveness, we were able to choose which keywords would drive the most qualified leads.

On-Page SEO

By focusing our title tags, meta descriptions, and content around these selected keywords, we were able to work toward boosting rankings for these keywords.

Technical SEO

By removing broken links, adding all relevant info into the metadata, and reorganizing the navigation, we were able to build a more enjoyable user experience while also making the website poised for efficient search engine crawls.


By refreshing existing pages and blog posts while also adding new content, we were able to provide visitors with useful industry information, increase rankings, and bolster engagement.

Case Study



Association Management Software


Banking, Performance Metrics, Move Funds & Data, Custom Websites, & More


As with many SaaS companies, Billhighway had a great looking website with tons of useful information.

Understandably, they wanted to rank higher in search engines to drive more prospects to their site.


Despite being an industry leader, Billhighway did not have an SEO strategy to produce inbound leads.


They were being outranked in search engines by smaller competitors.


They had essentially zero inbound leads from search engines feeding into their sales pipeline.


Billhighway was producing quality content, but it was not written with search engines in mind and had very few views.


The Billhighway site is quite large and had many errors in need of attention including 404’d pages, broken internal/external links, missing title tags, and more.

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