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Impexium was being outranked in Google by their competitors for highly lucrative search phrases.


Our goal was to boost their visibility in Google to give them the traffic they need for future success.


With a litany of technical errors found through our site audit, Impexium’s health score sat below 70% when they first started with us, which could hamper their ability to move up the rankings if it wasn’t fixed.


Our first step was to find out exactly what their core keywords were–what they really wanted to rank for in a perfect world. We then identified secondary keywords to write blog posts about or refresh old content. Additionally, technical fixes were needed to address issues such as duplicate pages, incorrect canonical tags, 404s, and more.

Keyword Selection

Keywords such as member engagement, association management software, and membership management software were critical, highly competitive keywords to their success, and they were nowhere to be found on Google for them.

Other keywords, such as ams platform, member retention, and how to attract new members to an association were secondary keywords that would also be helpful to getting the right people to their site.

On-Page SEO

Write SEO-optimized content immediately for their primary keywords, followed up by refreshes of the dozens of blogs on the site about subtopics related to those keywords.

Ongoing SEO

Once that content was up, focus on more keyword research to find valuable queries that their competitors were writing about to stay competitive in the space.

Technical SEO

Tackle technical errors one at a time, focusing on the most critical first.



Increased the amount of overall keywords pointing to their website

  • Overall amount of keywords increased by 64%
  • Amount of page -1 keywords increased by 600%

Targeted keywords went from 0 visibility to high-ranking


Technical audit score had a 20% increase in site health


Across 18 tracked keywords that are showing up on Google, rankings have increased by a total of over 300 positions. That’s almost 17 positions per keyword.


Member engagement – a secondary keyword of importance, went from being completely invisible on Google (>100) to hitting page 2 (position 16)


Membership management software is up 35 positions from the day we started.


AMS platform, a keyword that a potential customer of theirs would be searching, has moved up to page 1.


Their technical audit score went from sitting below 70% to 89%, a 20% increase that indicates their site is healthier than ever.