4x increase in quote requests

Keyword Selection

By narrowing down the most valuable keywords based on relevancy, volume, and competitiveness, Amplifyed was able to choose which keywords would drive the most qualified leads.

On-Page SEO

By focusing our title tags, meta descriptions, and content around these selected keywords, we were able to work toward boosting rankings for these keywords.


By refreshing existing content, we were able to provide visitors with useful industry information, increase rankings, and bolster engagement.

Case Study



Cybersecurity Branding Agency


Marketing, Lead Generation, Advertising Campaigns, & More

Cyberwhyze had a great looking website with tons of useful information, but wanted to rank higher in search engines to drive more prospects to their site.


Despite cyberwhyze being the premier marketing agency for the cybersecurity industry, they were not ranking in search engines as prominently as they’d like.


While they received a steady stream of referrals, cyberwhyze had minimal inbound leads from organic search engines feeding into their sales pipeline.

What Clients are Saying