Over 267 % increase in organic traffic

new keywords ranking in the Top 3


increase in organic traffic value

Keyword Strategy

With the goal of driving more business at the forefront, Amplifyed focused on pages and target keywords that had high buying intent. Once the bottom and middle funnel keywords improved, we worked in more top of the funnel keywords, aiming to create more informational content and present bluebot as a solution to common problems like “how to save on your water bill” or “how to stop a water leak”.

On-Page SEO

After careful on-page optimizations, updated title tags and meta descriptions, and consistent backlink acquisition, bluebot was ranking on the first page for keywords like “smart water meter”, “home water meter”, “wifi water meter”, “water sub meter”, “water monitoring system”, and more.

Technical SEO

By taking care of urgent errors, we improved any negative impact on their traffic and rankings. Then, we continued to monitor bluebot’s technical issues moving forward.


By utilizing our detailed content briefs, the bluebot team wrote new, competitive content targeting relevant keywords. In addition, we provided assistance to further upgrade existing assets with fresh, SEO-optimized copy and design.

Case Study





Smart Water Monitoring System


bluebot came to Amplifyed as a growing tech startup looking for a fresh start. Their experience with their previous marketing agency was like a bad game of telephone – communication and results were lacking.

They wanted to partner with a proven SEO and content marketing team that would not only expand their organic visibility, rankings, and traffic, but also their bottom line. bluebot needed an agency that was focused on moving the needle and proactively brought fresh ideas and strategies to the table.

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