How is Amplifyed different from all the other SEO agencies?

Many agencies have a page or two saying they know SaaS and cybersecurity, but they also have those pages for a dozen other industries like manufacturing and healthcare.

Not us. We’re all in on content-driven SEO for SaaS & cybersecurity companies.

Our Account Managers dream about SEO.  Our writers only write about cybersecurity & software all day long. You wouldn’t believe how much coffee they drink.

Because of our narrow focus, everyone on our team is a master at what they do.

Our business is complicated and no one but us can write about our services. How can you do content-driven SEO for us?

There’s a lot more to content than the writing.  We’ll start by finding keywords that you can actually rank for. Then we’ll help you build out a content queue that will generate leads so your writers have a plan. 

Lastly, we’ll write amazing content briefs that include word count, detailed outlines, internal & external links, and more.

The content can then be written by your writers or ours. Your call!

How much do your SEO plans cost?
We need to learn more about your business first. It takes different strategies to get you to the top of Google if you’re in a hyper-competitive market versus a small niche with minimal competition
Whichever it is, you will see a jump in rankings in our first quarter working together.
SEO seems like this secret black box. What exactly do you guys do?
The backbone of winning SEO is the strategy. By specializing in SaaS and cybersecurity, we know exactly how to build a clear gameplan that will get you results.

Then we hit the ground running on implementation. This will be a cocktail of content, backlinks, and technical SEO.

• Content is by far the most important. Your site will shoot up the rankings once you have keyword-optimized content about topics people actually care about.

• Building backlinks will boost your rankings even higher to generate more juicy SaaS and cybersecurity leads.

• The role of technical SEO is to make sure that your site doesn’t have issues that are sabotaging your rankings.

Can you still do our SEO but we handle the website updates?

Absolutely.  That’s the case without about half of our clients.  We’ll handle all the strategy and execution, and pass the website updates along to your programmer.

Our only ask if that you make the updates expeditiously.  It will only delay your results if the updates are sitting in the queue for weeks at a time!

How long until I see results?

Your SEO strategy will have a blend of quick wins and longer term, game-changing goals. The quick wins will result in a spike in rankings in just 90 days. We move quick!

Do you require annual contracts?
No long-term contracts here. We work in 90-day sprints so you don’t have to commit to anything beyond that. We know we have to work hard to earn your business every quarter.
What is the next step?
Let’s have a conversation.

That will allow us to research your ideal buyer and the most lucrative search phrases for your business. Then we’ll deliver a powerful SEO roadmap with three options to get you there.