Cybersecurity Case Study: Behind-the-Scenes Of A Winning SEO Strategy

Published: May 31, 2024Updated: June 3, 2024
Data on an SEO campaign found in a cybersecurity case study

Cybersecurity Case Study Overview

In this case study, we conducted comprehensive keyword research and implemented a strategic plan on a cybersecurity company’s website. This resulted in a significant increase in inbound leads and overall quality traffic. We identified and addressed gaps in missing keyword opportunities with optimized, high-quality content. Amplifyed’s efforts effectively boosted the company’s online presence and drove measurable profit growth.


Keyword Strategy

Castra, now acquired by Lumifi, sought an SEO partner to broaden their reach and distinguish themselves from competitors. Their unique challenge was identifying keywords that accurately described their services to potential clients.

The solution involved targeting specific keywords like “information security solutions” and “managed SIEM services,” which aligned with the search intent and relevance of their target audience. This approach led to improved organic traffic and enhanced their online visibility.


Once the correct keywords were selected and mapped to their appropriate pages, our expert SEO team utilized a comprehensive set of SEO tools to optimize Castra’s existing site pages. These optimizations delivered more valuable information to users along with solution-oriented calls to action, enhancing engagement and organic visibility.

Through further research into their competitors and targeted ranking pages, we identified content gaps on Castra’s site. To address these, we created detailed briefs for new cybersecurity content such as blogs and service pages. With these briefs, their writing team quickly produced content that ranked highly on SERPs.

On-Page SEO

While their new content was being created, our SEO experts concentrated on optimizing other elements of their existing pages, such as SEO title tags and meta descriptions. This combined approach of on-page SEO, enhanced content, and solution-oriented headers and CTAs significantly boosted Castra’s website traffic and improved their analytics metrics.

Technical SEO

Going beyond a standard SEO audit, our SEO team identified and resolved technical issues on Castra’s site such as broken links, link loops, and faulty redirects. These adjustments ensured the site’s performance was not compromised, allowing the other improvements to take full effect.

Castra At a Glance

Focus: Information security solutions

Services: MDR, SIEM, Threat Intelligence, Remote Log Management, etc.


*Acquired by lumifi


This one might seem self explanatory, but “content” is much more than just words on a page. The quality of your content matters just as much as how much you have, if not more. Google prefers content that matches its requirements, broken down by the concept of E-E-A-T.


Castra had almost no presence on page-1 SERPs, and very few keyphrases overall on the site. Their keyword portfolio was netting them an estimated 100 organic users per month in October 2022.


The preceding 5 months before beginning work with Amplfyed (May 2022-Sept 2022), Castra averaged roughly 350 organic users per month.


Simply put, Castra’s website was not providing enough inbound leads to keep their business running.

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