450% increase in organic keywords

*Castra has since been acquired by lumifi.

new keywords


increase in organic traffic


Keyword Strategy

Castra needed a cybersecurity SEO agency to build their success off of. This required us to find keywords that would best describe their services that also offered a manageable level of competition. Keywords like information security solutions and managed SIEM services offered the proper search intent and relevancy that would lead to organic success.


With the proper keywords in place, we had the tools necessary to optimize their existing pages by offering the reader useful information with solution-oriented CTAs to drive engagement and organic visibility. We also found gaps in their content that could be filled with new blogs and services pages. We then created detailed content briefs to empower their writing team to produce content that would get to the top of Google.

On-Page SEO

While the new content was being written, we focused on optimizing their existing pages with new and improved title tags and meta descriptions. This, coupled with new solution-oriented headers and CTAs, gave their existing content a boost in traffic.

Technical SEO

We identified and fixed technical errors such as broken links, missing metadata, and faulty redirects to ensure the site’s lead generation would not be hindered by a poor user experience.



We now have 49 keywords on page 1 of Google (up from 10)

New Page-1 Keywords

  • Threatstream
  • Remote Logging
  • USM Anywhere
  • Which is the most secure type of firewall

Major improvements of core keywords

  1. MDR services – up 66 positions
  2. XDR solutions – up 70 positions
  3. Threat intelligence services – up 55 positions

Overall keyword portfolio increased from 100 to 550 estimated monthly organic traffic (a 450% increase)

Overall keywords increased from 350 to 670 since the introduction of Amplifyed SEO


We’re seeing a 64% increase in organic traffic since the introduction of Amplifyed SEO.

Average monthly organic traffic

      • May 2022 – Sept 2022 (Before SEO)
        ~ 340/mo
      • Oct 2022 – Feb 2023 (After SEO)
        ~ 560/mo

Case Study



Information Security Solutions


MDR, SIEM, Threat Intelligence, Remote Log Management, and more


Our first step to create a solid SEO campaign that would increase inbound leads and overall quality traffic. Through keyword research, we developed a strategy for both current content optimization and new content to fill in any gaps.


Castra was suffering from a lack of online presence which led to a shortage of inbound leads.


Castra had little to no page-1 keywords as well as a shortage of overall keywords. Their current keyword portfolio was netting them an estimated 100 organic users per month (Oct 2022).


In the 5 months leading up to our start date (May 2022 – Sept 2022), Castra was only averaging about 350 organic users per month.


Castra’s website was simply not providing enough inbound leads to feed their business.

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