SEO Account Manager

Do you love nerding out on SEO and working with clients?

If your friends and family are sick of hearing about your latest search rankings, then we’re you’re kind of people and you will love this job.


You will get an absolute masterclass on SEO and working with clients. I wish I had a job like this when I started because it would have jump-started my career significantly.

100% remote.

We’re big into work/life balance. Zero after hours or weekend work. After your first 90 days you get unlimited paid time off and we require a minimum of two 3-day weekends every quarter + 2 full-weeks off per year.

Retirement plan with company contributions.
We have strong processes in place to help you succeed.
If you’re looking to learn a ton and grow your career, then this is the place for you.
San Diego SEO Services

Here is an unedited quote from someone currently in this role:

“Personally I like what I do here and I feel a sense of job satisfaction doing SEO for clients and seeing the results come in. The pay is competitive for the role, working remote works great with my lifestyle, and I enjoy working with like-minded individuals who also enjoy SEO. The push for continuing education also keeps me on point!”


Amplifyed is an SEO agency that generally serves SaaS companies and manufacturers. We have six employees, all of whom are remote.

We are seeking a US-based person for full time, remote employment. It is a requirement to have a minimum of 2 years SEO experience.


The SEO Account Manager is responsible for keeping our clients happy. You meet with clients (remotely), manage their SEO strategy, and ensure the content team and other vendors produce high quality work.

You should be good with people, have a strong work ethic while working remotely, and know at least some SEO.

A typical day may involve meeting with a client on Zoom, corresponding with other clients via email, checking on SEO results in a dashboard, and checking in with the content team.

Our monthly reporting is unique, in that you will send a video (2 minutes or less) to each client each month with a quick update on their account. That is why as part of our application process we ask for a brief video introduction of you.



Based in the US

Minimum 2 years SEO experience

Passionate about SEO
The first 90 days you will be a contractor. If we are both excited about the direction you’re going, then you will be hired as a full-time employee with benefits and unlimited paid time off.


Send us an email at [email protected] with your resume and what has you interested in the role.